Hi, I’m a weirdo doing an odd project.

I’m exploring my beliefs and identity.  I’m calling them Terranism.

Once a Christian, I have spent the last few years exploring and learning what it means to be outside of faith.  Honestly, it feels great and it would make far more sense to just keep going like this.  But my comfort and happiness haven’t stopped me from obsessing over the mechanisms that make religion work, and why it had been so important to me.  The things I’ve learned and continue to learn have become a happy burden on my mind, pushing me to wonder how I can use it.  This project is what I’ve decided to apply my fascination to.

Originally this was an atheist project.  I wanted to craft an “atheist religion” which might still be possible, though it’s fanciful.  However, Alain de Botton seems to already be working on that so I’ll just leave him to it.  Additionally, I no longer consider myself an atheist, so starting an atheist religion under that pretext would be a bit silly.

Instead, I hope to make a syntheist religion.  My inspiration comes from the likes of Alexander Bard, the American movement of spiritual naturalism, and the writings of Karen Armstrong, Donna Haraway, and Yuval Harari.

Finally, I make no special claims that will assist me in this project.  I am not a god and I have no divine right or authority granted to me by any god.  I am a private individual who is not a recognized scholar, and I claim no academic authority.  I do not have exhaustive knowledge about religion or spirituality, and I claim no divine inspiration.

And with that, my odd project begins.

Thus I declare,
I follow the Terranic Creed
I am the prophet of Terra.