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Our World is a God and We are Their Body

Once a Christian, then an Atheist, I’m now exploring what’s after that.
I call it Terranism, and I’d love your company on my journey.

The Thirteen Tenets

  1. You should treat other souls the way yours should be treated.
  2. You should not act upon a soul’s body against their consent.
  3. You should resist the marginalization of any soul.
  4. You should advocate for liberty from tyranny for all souls.
  5. You should build or shape institutions to be healthy and just.
  6. You should cultivate ecological and economic health.
  7. You should not cause any spirit to suffer.
  8. You should conform your facts with the scientific method.
  9. You should embrace values from your sincere spiritual experience.
  10. You should align your actions with love and reason.
  11. You should take responsibility for your mistakes and successes.
  12. You should speak in good faith.
  13. You should uphold goodness over the word of the Tenets.

The Terranic Creed

We believe in Terra
The whole is greater than its parts
The parts are more than their whole
All wholes are a part
All parts are a whole
The whole vanishes without the parts
The parts die without the whole
More is different
All emerge
Thus our planet emerges from us
We call this truth Terra
We are Terra

We believe in magic
Names and their use
Apocalypse is the end of a world
Genesis is the start of a world
Magics are between them
Genesis follows Apocalypse
May we use magic to make loving worlds

We believe in souls
Emergences with names are spirits
Spirits which can change their own names are souls
A soul knows itself through other souls
And defines itself through other spirits

We believe in science
That facts should conform to it
And values should be kept separate

We believe in gods
Entities that emerge from souls

Finally, we believe that the Creed is true, not fact
Ken and Kindred