Job – Chapter 2

The land of Uz collected themselves after the calamity. For most, repairs entailed a shattered pot, or fixing a roof. But for Job there was nothing to collect. All had been taken from him.

Job and his wife mourned their children; his clothes torn, his skin dusty with ash. Their wailing could be heard from the city as they put them to rest in their barren fields. Eilish attended the funeral, as did the rest of Uz. It was difficult to see such a great man brought low.

When it was over, Job straightened. Eilish was impressed at the strength left in him. Job turned to his wife and said:

Though we have lost everything 
I still have the strength that earned it.  
The Creator is just, 
They have taken what was Theirs.  
But They know,  
I am blameless in Their sight,  
So They have left me my strength. 
I will make us a home again, 
Do not worry."

But Job’s wife spat at his feet and said:

You dishonour your children,
Though you break your robes.
Have you forgotten who you condemn
When their broken faces are hidden from view?
No revelry or carelessness deserves such punishment.  
Break my face and hide it too, 
If you feel they deserve to be there.  

Job stood proud and said nothing against his wife’s words. The next day he began to work again, just as he had when he was young. He sent messages to his old companions; Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite, and Zophar the Naamathite. They had worked together when they were young, each building fortunes together. Then, to avoid envy, they parted ways to grow their wealth privately. Job sent these messages asking for encouragement in his difficult time.

Job travelled to look for work, leaving his wife in Uz. Eilish took pity on Job’s wife and brought her to the home she shared with other old women. Uz was generous to her, bringing flour, figs, and fowl to Eilish’s door.

After the first moon, Job’s wife received responses from his companions. They said they could not give encouragement afar for someone such as Job. They would arrive for a visit upon the next moon. Job’s wife wept, for she had nothing of her own to prepare for them.

Upon the end of the second moon, Job’s wife met his companions and offered what hospitality she could with the aid of Eilish. His companions were gracious in the light of her misfortune. It was Zophar who asked:

Has a plague struck Uz?
Tell me truly,
For I passed a man on my way,
He scraped his flesh with a potsherd,
It was sour, 
And covered in boils.

Job’s wife heard this and said:

No plague has struck Uz,
But your words bring me grief,
For I fear that what does not strike Uz,
Shall strike at me.

Together with Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, Job’s wife went to the edge of Uz to look for the plagued man. Soon, they came upon one sitting in the wilderness scraping his sores with the sharp edge of broken clay. At first they did not recognize him. But it was Job, frail with fasting and weak with sickness.

When they recognized him, they all raised their voices and wept. Each tore their clothes and threw dust on their heads. They sat with Job seven days and seven nights, and no one said a word. Eilish brought food and water to them from Uz as they sat in vigil. But Job did not eat, for his pain was too great.

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