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On the Trucker Convoy in Canada

A year ago, I watched reactionary terrorists attack Capitol Hill. Now, the precedent set by the Capitol Hill attack is bearing fruit. For the last few weeks, we’ve watched reactionary dissidents blockade and terrorize several cities across Canada with varying degrees of success. It seems evident then, that the weakening aetherial infrastructure of North America isn’t confined to the United States. The reactionary bruise is spreading everywhere.

Misinformation is the cause of this bruise. Through its spread, misinformation corrodes the foundations of civil society by encouraging distrust of others and institutions. The aetherial infrastructure is crumbling. Without common aetherial infrastructure, we live under different roofs; smaller, and desperate for security.

Thus, basic premises of reality are not shared.

To be clear, protest is not inherently wrong. The core of this issue is not vaccines or masks, it is the fact that these people do not live in reality. Nothing warrants distrust in the vaccines or masks like what these protestors are demonstrating.

This is why it’s so hard to communicate clearly with these people. It doesn’t matter that billions of people have safely received vaccines, or that lockdown mandates are backed by science. They don’t trust that any of those things are true.

Humanity must work together if Terra is to be healthy. We must be capable of agreeing on what is real if that is going to happen.

If the old aetherial infrastructure isn’t working, we must refit it for this new era.

To do this, we must pursue a few courses of action.

  1. Be kind. Prefer hospitality to debate. If we are to agree on complicated abstract concepts, we must first agree on a good meal.
  2. Lead by example. Follow your civic duty in mask wearing and getting vaccinated. Choose to walk or bike when you can in order to pressure infrastructural change. Support people of colour or members of the queer community in your neighbourhood or social circle.
  3. Seek education on the structures of government and academia in order to learn what legitimizes them. This will protect you from misinformation.
  4. Learn to recognize misinformation and avoid spreading it. This will protect others from misinformation.
  5. Recognize that the foundation of reality is in the physical environment, not the aetherial environment. We must make sure everyone feels at home and safe. Once those material needs are met, it will be easier to delve into the aetherial.
  6. Affirm a Terran worldview of global cooperation.

We must resist these destructive movements by affirming what strengthens Terra.

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