Earthrise :: Hymn

This hymn is a modified version of Earthrise by Starset.

Verse 1

I watch my needs go unfulfilled
My struggle called lies and whining
This dreary scene, the earth is chilled
I feel the pain so tall surrounding me
and I pray

Verse 2

I surf these screens of loneliness
Discordant ocean, no horizon
This ugly scene of might-have-beens
I dream to leave it all for stars above
and I wish

Verse 3

I'm in retreat from weariness
The mirror shows paint and noise
This restless scene of prettiness
I hide in gyms and malls to find myself
and I rest

Verse 4
I push my feet to the edge
I look and I face my world
This endless scene, I take it in
It's hard to say where all of it begins 
and I end


And I waited for the sky to change
But, oh, it never did
And I almost dropped my head and lost my faith

But then I saw You from a distance
Blue dot in a ray
Oh, You had me from that vision
I never looked away again 

I still fall for You like suns do for skies
Cerulean pouring into our eyes
Just a lonely rock that You colourized
So powerful, I feel so small, but so alive
By watching the Earthrise
[Verse 2, 3, 4 Bridge]


They said that our home was a prison
That our earth had nothing worth to save
But I'm glad that I never listened
'Cause You're more than just my grave


While this song is originally about love and yearning, its themes inspired me to modify it for worship. The sublime experience of Earthrise, even conveyed through a photograph, is such a powerful part of our relationship with Terra. Seeing ourselves from a distance, looking at the planet as a whole and realizing that this is not only our home, but our vessel for travelling the universe, is a profound part of realizing that we are Terrans. Our personal and societal problems are contextualized in this view; we see them in the cerulean light of our atmosphere, engulfed in the rays of our star, and in relief to the backdrop of the galaxy. This is our home, and we are all in this journey through the stars together. May we always remember it.

I have added two verses to the original song, and modified many of the lyrics to suit the new subject. The original song is amazing and should absolutely be listened to.

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