Meditations, Verse

spellbound :: the depths

Upon these pages a soul cries out 
Pain ringing through this ink into my heart
I hear you
I feel you
What do I do?
I am spellbound by the distance between us
Trying, I fail to understand
Is trying not enough?
How do I ease your suffering?
You are dead, but more are like you
I want to save you
I am spellbound by you
But this distance
Does this privilege...
Does this privilege make me impotent?
You speak again, I want to act
I want to tear away that instrument of your torture
You cry out no!
It would hurt too much
It is a part of you
Pain makes strong bonds
I am not bound like you
Spellbound by your pain but far from it
Connected to it by you
By this spell you've cast over me
Your own power made manifest
The spell itself is the point
That exertion of your will
Torture transformed
A window into your soul
Being and
Being known

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