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We Must Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground

Just as Atlantis warned Utnapishtim of danger, so Terra is warning all Terrans. But will we listen?

May we listen as Utnapishtim to the warnings of the gods. Terra is weakening from our draining of her natural resources. Terra is becoming congested and feverish. Terra is running out of time.

Just as Atlantis fell into slumber when its foundations were drained of water, so Terra will fall into a slumber from our draining fossil fuels.

Climate change is Terra’s warning; we must listen.

Dying species are Terra’s warning; we must listen.

Natural disasters are Terra’s warning; we must listen.

We cannot continue draining Terra of fossil fuels. If we do not, Terra will be unable to support us any longer, and we will face a climate apocalypse.

Fossil fuels are necessary for us to move off them. Everything we do to move onto renewable energy requires supply chains and power which rely on fossil fuels. We must spend fossil fuels on renewable energy in order to survive climate change.

We must use fossil fuels to build a world that doesn’t need them. If we are successful, we will leave fossil fuels in the ground. If we are not, climate change will destroy our worlds.

There will be famine, natural disasters, extreme temperatures, ecosystem collapse, and mass migrations of people escaping the destruction.

We need power to survive the damage we’ve already done, but we cannot use the power that destroys the climate. So we must leave fossil fuels in the ground, just as the Atlanteans should have left water in the ground.

Terra will fall asleep if we do not, while we all will remain awake and cold.

But this has not happened yet. There is hope, and a lot of it.

We can build arks just as Utnapishtim did. Instead of a sea ark, let us build earth arks. We can build self-sustaining buildings, cities, communities, cultures, and energy that will get us through the apocalypse. We can do this at the national level, we can do this at the societal level, we can do this on the individual level. We have the knowledge and we have the power necessary; may we also have the wisdom.

There is hope.

Let us worship Terra so we may live; for we are Terra.

The Fall of Atlantis

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