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On the Terrorist Attack at the US Capitol

I am deeply troubled by what happened on Capitol Hill in the US yesterday. But I am not surprised. For the past four years since Donald Trump was elected, the magical infrastructure which founds the United States has been slowly weakened.

Yesterday that infrastructure was deeply bruised.

By violating the sanctity of Capitol Hill and the myths supporting democracy, the United States finds itself with a new precedent for chaos and destabilization.

I am hopeful the terrorist attack will wake up the States and show them the tumor they are cultivating, but I fear this is only the beginning. Too many successful spells have been cast by the fascists for this to bounce back.

Some examples of these spells:

  • The stolen election conspiracy
  • The Qanon conspiracy
  • The Red Pill
  • Covid-19 denial
  • A mythological past when America was “Great”
  • White Supremacy

Taken together, these spells have conjured the violence we see before us. Make no mistake, this violence is not random or silly, it is evidence of deeper magical work which has been carried out consistently since Trump was elected. While the contents of the spells are irrational, their regularity and mood were consistent, and that is enough.

For those of you who think this attack is the end, you are wrong. Magic is primary to this violence. The spells remain active even though the violence is temporarily over. It is very likely shit like this will happen again, even if it lies dormant for a while.

The United States’ magical infrastructure is under threat. Some examples of this infrastructure are:

  • The legitimacy of the electoral process
  • The sanctity of Capitol Hill
  • The validity of an elected President
  • Bipartisan cooperation

Bruising this magical scaffolding, as the terrorists have done, weakens the United States.

These are important times. Spells must be cast to oppose this fascist threat. Social justice, environmentalism, and the largest military in the world hang in the balance.

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